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Max 3 sites per server and we only support Apache, PHP and MySQL

What will you do under Linux Server Management?

Remote OS ( Operating System) installation

We will install the operating system remotely using IPMI, KVM or other available methods.

We have installed operating system on Hetzner, OVH, SoYouStart, Contabo, DigitalOcean, Linode and lots of other server providers.

Partitioning and mounting additional disks
If you have additional disk then we will partition and mount it.
DNS and nameserver setup
We will help you with your private nameserver setup.
Server Migration (Only files and databases)
We will migrate all your sites from old server to new server. And also help you with post migration issues if any. Root SSH access to both source and destination server is required.
Backup configuration & Restoration
We will configure daily/weekly/yearly remote/local backups as per your needs. And restore accounts from those backups when needed.
Basic Optimization (Apache, PHP & MySQL)
We will do basic optimization of Apache, PHP and MySQL by tweaking the config files.
Solve problems
No matter how good the server setup is, you are going to face problems one time or another. We will investigate and help you fix these problems.
Server Monitoring
Our monitoring system will monitor your server and let you know if it went down. We can also restart it if you provide reboot instructions.
12 hours response time guarantee *
Once you open a support ticket. We will guarantee to respond within 12 hours. This guarantee is for first 15 tickets in last 30 days only.
24 hours resolution time guarantee *
95% of the ticket fall under this. We leave 5% room for tickets that requires more time e.g. some problem that only occurs at particular time of day, Migration tasks that depend on the network and server speed etc. We will let you know beforehand if some task requires more time. This guarantee is for first 15 tickets in last 30 days only.
Unlimited Tickets
We don't put any limit to support tickets you can open. We will respond and resolve all ticket. But note that response and resolution time guarantee applies only to first 15 support tickets in last 30 days.

* Response time and resolution time guarantee applies only to first 15 support issues/tickets in last 30 days.

Frequently asked questions

Do you provide Emergency/Urgent Support?

NO. This is not not an emergency/urgent service. If you cannot wait for 12 hours, this service is not for you.

How do you accept payments?

Via PayPal and Bank Transfer

How long after signup my service becomes active?

Immediately (it's automated). And you can open tickets to get support.

Is my server information secure?

Absolutely YES. Security is our top concern. All the information is transmitted through secure SSL. We have antivirus installed on all ours machines. The information is accessible by tech on needed basis only.

Do you provide refunds?

Yes, we do have refund policy.