Refund is for new clients only. And for only one service/server.

If you have signed up for the first time. And are not satisfied within first 5 days or first 3 issues/tickets whichever comes first. Then you can request refund. And we will be glad to provide you the refund.

Refund will not be provided in below cases

  • If you signup for two or more servers and ask refund. Then refund of only one server will be provided. So if you want to test our services. Then signup for one server only.
  • If you had already used our service once. Then signup again at later date and ask for refund. Then no refund will be provided
  • If we had provided you refund in the past. Then you are not applicable for any refund again no matter what the case is.

To prevent abuse of refund policy. We reserve the right to undo any task that was performed by us.