Reduced Problems

Within a week or two we will stabilize your server. And starting taking care of most of the things by ourselves in background. So you will rarely need to open support ticket after first month.

No long term contract

We have no term contracts with any of our services. Stay with us for 1 month … 6 month, … 1 year … 10 years. It’s completely up to you. We have some clients who has been with us for more than 10 years. And they only reason is that they are completely satisfied with our services.

Responsibility and Security

We know that trusting someone with your server is just the same as trusting someone with your office keys and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We have fully secured the server on which your login details are stored. And they are accessible only to techs working on your server. We also have antivirus and firewalls on all the techs systems from which your server is accessed.

Experienced Techs

Nothing comes close to having done it before. Each member of our server management team has a minimum of 4+ years of experience in managing and monitoring servers for different hosting and server management companies. Some senior techs has 16+ years of experience.